Looking for The Best Laundry Machine Supplier in Corpus Christi, TX ?

Are you looking to invest in commercial laundry equipment or add value to your existing commercial business? Scott Equipment has you covered with quality laundry machines with a guaranteed long shelf life and quality results that your customers will love. Our modern machines are the laundry equipments in Corpus Christi, TX, and will make your customers' clothes look fresh and clean.

Dexter. Our Choice as for Top-Quality Laundry Solutions

Our laundry machine manufacturing partners, such as Dexter, guarantee you a wide range of quality laundry solutions featuring state-of-the-art controls and technology, enabling you to create the perfect cycles for your laundry. The machines also come in different sizes, programmable features, and customizable functions to ensure they are suited to meet the needs of your business.

looking for the best laundry machine supplier in corpus christi, tx ?

High IMEF and Low IWF Laundry Machines

Outdated laundry machines will hike your monthly utility bills as they often consume a lot of energy and water. As a result, you should replace your older devices with modern energy-efficient machines. Our modern machines have a good energy star rating, featuring a high IMEF (Integrated Modified Energy Factor) and a low IWF (Integrated Water Factor). These machines spin faster, hence wash faster, thus saving power and water. Over time, our laundry machines will help to reduce your general overhead costs.

Top-of-the-line Safety Features

Above anything else, you need quality products you can trust and rely on for your commercial business. Our modern laundry machines are equipped with standard safety features such as an emergency shutoff, safety door locks, and fire protection to protect your clients and employees who may be using machines in a vended laundry room accessing machines in an on-premise laundry room. These add-ons are designed to protect your business from liability and reduce bad press in the event of an accident.

Digital Laundry Systems

In addition to the traditional card and coin-operated laundry machines, we also offer laundry machines with smart management options operated through smart apps on mobile phones. From basic tasks such as soaking to tumbling and adding detergents, you can adjust the desired cycles to meet your customer’s needs, thus improving their laundry experience. We highly recommend using these digital laundry solutions if you want to automate your business to accommodate more clients. The availability of this customizable feature makes us the top-rated provider of the laundry machines in Corpus Christi, TX.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We guarantee high-performance laundry machines at affordable prices. You do not have to break the bank to have quality machines for your business. Whatever your budget, we will strive to provide you with cost-efficient yet practical solutions. You can be confident that we will meet or exceed your expectations. In addition, we offer both on-site and leased laundry equipment depending on the requirements of your commercial venture.

Increase the Revenue of Your Business with Top Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment from Scott Equipment

With years of commercial expertise, we bring you a line of the laundry mequipment in Corpus Christi, TX, backed by superior customer service. We have been ranked to be the commercial laundry equipment supplier and volume distributor of choice in Corpus Christi, TX. Our laundry machines are built to last a long time while delivering impressive results every time you use them. Thanks to our top brands, your services will be set apart from other laundromats in the commercial laundry industry. We not only aim to enhance your customers' satisfaction but also improve your expected return on investment

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