Your on-premises laundry system works hard to ensure your business’ laundry is clean, safe, and sanitary. While your washers and dryers do a lot for your business, they can have high operating costs due to high water, heating, and gas consumption.

With an on-premises ozone laundry system, you can expect lower operating costs without compromising hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness. Ozone laundry systems use powerful, naturally-occurring oxidation to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and germs to leave your laundry clean and smelling fresh. Best of all, your operating costs can be significantly lower due to using up to 95% less hot water and gas than conventional OPL systems.

articlean epaHow an Ozone Laundry System Works

Most washers ozonize warm water. With an ozone laundry system, the washer ozonizes cold, non-ozonated water as part of the machine’s wash process. It is a safe option due to it not producing any off-gas byproducts.

An ArtiClean ozone laundry system offers many advantages over traditional washers. The most noticeable of these benefits include:

  • Better disinfection and sanitation rates from viruses, bacteria, and germs than bleach
  • Elimination of harsh chemical treatments that extend the life of your linens and uniforms
  • Lower water and gas consumption, and shorter dryer times, all of which reduce your operational costs
  • Better smelling and more vibrant colors in your linens at the end of the drying process
  • Lower laundry room temperatures, enhancing employee comfort

About ArtiClean

ArtiClean ozone laundry systems have been in the institutional laundry market for 40 years and building and installing on-premises ozone laundry systems for over a decade. Their machines reduce hot water consumption by up to 95% by effectively using cold water to deep clean clothing and linens. Each of the ozone laundry products is efficient, safe, and reliable.

Articlean Ozone Systems EPA Establishment Number -100060-KY-1

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For over 50 years, Scott Equipment has provided the most modern, green, and effective laundry equipment to the hospitality, healthcare, government, fire, and multi-housing industries. We back our ArtiClean washers with industry-leading design services, installation, parts, and superior customer service. Scott offers both revenue-sharing and purchase options.

Contact us to learn how an ArtiClean ozone laundry system can lower your laundry costs and time while producing superior cleanliness.


Articlean Ozone Systems EPA Establishment Number -100060-KY-1