Preliminary Drawing

Don’t waste valuable resources on your own design when Scott Equipment Design Service can do it for you in a fraction of the time. Simply fax or email a rough sketch or notes describing room dimensions, window and door placement, and utility locations to the Laundry Design Team and you will receive a Preliminary Drawing that displays:

  • Machine placement
  • Locations of tables, carts, shelving
  • Mechanical and chemical storage rooms
  • Installation notes

The Preliminary Drawing adds polish to your laundry proposal by helping your customer fully envision the increased throughput of their finished laundry facility.

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Utility Schedule

The customized Utility Schedule is based on the specific model mix for the facility. The Utility Schedule illustrates Scott Equipment’s energy saving and industrial design capabilities by providing a detailed overview of utility requirements organized by:

  • Electrical service
  • Drain requirements
  • Gas requirements
  • Exhaust and venting
  • Water requirements

The Utility Schedule makes communicating with contractors and utility companies more efficient thanks to the detailed, easy-to-read format.

Laundry Operating Analysis

When being eco-friendly is a priority, the Laundry Operating Analysis gives customers a thorough understanding of cost-per-pound to process laundry. Using this report, you can determine:

  • The best equipment mix for the facility
  • Estimates on utility costs and usage
  • Impact of equipment performance on labor and utilities
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Construction Drawing  

The Construction Drawing assists architects, building engineers and designers in preparing permits and drawings quickly and accurately.

  • The Construction Drawing package consists of four 24” x 36” paper copies of the drawing that detail information such as elevation, foundation and utility requirements for the laundry equipment.
  • Drawings are available in a variety of formats upon request. (.pdf, .dwg, .dxf)
  • Our service significantly reduces turnaround time, which in turn saves your customer time and money.
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