Commercial Laundry Equipment in Lafayette, LA

At Scott Equipment, we are proud to serve our clients and do everything we can to ensure their success. We are an industry-leading supplier for commercial laundry facilities throughout Louisiana. As such, we offer the latest makes and models of commercial grade machines. For 60 years, we've been putting our clients first.

Since 1967, we have provided both installation and design support to new and existing laundry operators. To make it easier for you, we also offer the parts, and service needed to keep your machines working optimally. Additionally, our planning and design services include machine placement, location of carts and shelving and chemical storage rooms.

Who uses commercial laundry machines?

It's not hard to identify industries in your area that could benefit from laundry solutions. To serve these sectors, we offer equipment that operates on card or coin tender. Having laundry services on-premise can make a huge difference in the cost of operations and convenience, allowing you to better serve customers or tenants. We offer multiple sizes, speeds and styles to accommodate a wide variety of installations.

  • Multi-housing
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Government
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Fire Departments
  • Laundromats

With top brands like Continental, LG, Dexter and Econ-O-Wash, we ensure that you always have the right equipment on hand for your clients!

Considering opening a laundromat in Lafayette?

commercial laundry equipment in lafayette, la

Lafayette is a growing city that has much to offer new commercial enterprises such as laundromats. Strong tourism and an active populace make this a great place to locate your new business. It offers a competitive market for laundry services and one that is right for the right investor.

Considering a laundromat in Lafayette? Opportunities abound:

  • 40 nursing homes in Lafayette
  • 34 assisted living facilities nearby
  • More than 4 jails and prisons
  • Over 1,890 hotels

Coin operated laundries and related businesses have a huge potential if you need steady cash flow without the tremendous overhead of running other types of businesses. Additionally, you can rent laundry facilities and finance the equipment to get started quickly. Starting your own laundry comes with minimal staffing needs and you can get the latest machines that accept our electronic payments for the convenience of your customers.

If you want a business that continues to thrive in an economic downturn, consider opening a laundry. More than 120 million US families rent their homes. Many rental units don't come with their own washer and dryer. Therefore, there is a great need for commercial laundry equipment in Lafayette, LA. If you need help getting started, we have the equipment, services and advice you need to thrive. This is a great opportunity to start one or more businesses that you can run with minimal time commitment.

We Offer Much More Than Commercial Laundry Equipment

Thanks to our experience and entrepreneurial spirit, we can offer much more than laundry equipment. Utilize our skills for demographic research, investment opportunities and financing to fuel your dream of owning your own business. Our services include:

  • Layout and design services
  • Investment opportunities
  • Demographics research
  • OPL services
  • Competitive financing offers
  • Multi-housing support
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Laundromat location assistance

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