Boost Efficiency with Cutting-Edge Industrial Washing Machines and Dryers in New Orleans, LA

Industrial laundry relies on robust, durable machinery that consistently handles heavy workloads. These machines offer the capacity for high-volume laundering of linens, towels, and other frequently cleaned items in busy facilities. With a suitable industrial washing machine and dryer in New Orleans, LA, you can significantly bolster your laundry throughput with reduced resource consumption.

Scott Equipment is a full-service distributor of premium industrial laundry equipment in New Orleans and the surrounding metroplex. We only carry durably constructed, industry-leading laundry equipment providers focused on efficiency and innovation. Owners and managers can choose from a variety of on premise industrial washing machines that cater to their specific needs

We've covered all aspects, from the initial consultation to installation and ongoing support. We partner with you every step of the way, ensuring your laundry equipment ownership journey is hassle-free and convenient. We also offer flexible financing options, including a lease program tailored to your laundry equipment budget.

industrial washing machines and dryers in new orleans, la

Quality Laundry Equipment for Improved Industrial Laundry Operations

We proudly represent the best brands in the market, ensuring our customers access top-tier industrial laundry equipment that sets the industry standard for quality, performance, and reliability.

Dexter laundry equipment is known for its durability and advanced features. Within its lineup is the Dexter's O Series Washers, which offer an impressive range of 100 cycles with 20 stages, providing ultimate flexibility and precision.

Dexter's 6-cycle washers, on the other hand, spin at high speeds, effectively removing more water from the load, which can significantly reduce drying expenses. Furthermore, Dexter is known for its industry-leading warranties and lifetime support, ensuring peace of mind for industrial OPLs.

We also carry machines by Continental Girbau, another industry leader who sets the standard for performance and efficiency in the on-premise laundry sector. Their G-Flex Hard Mount and E-series washer-extractors are designed for high-extraction speeds, delivering superior performance.

Another option is an ozone laundry system that achieves exceptional disinfection rates, often reaching 99.99% disinfection rates. These systems not only provide superior cleanliness but also offer substantial savings on energy and hot water usage.

Notably, advancements in dryer technology have rendered the laundering process more efficient and gentle on the linen. Our commercial washer-extractors are complemented by cutting-edge dryers that ensure consistent, high-quality results.

Catering to Multiple Markets

Many institutions across various market segments rely on our industrial laundry equipment to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and efficiency. Among them include:

Healthcare facilities

Healthcare institutions represent a significant market for industrial launderers due to their constant need for clean and sanitized textiles and uniforms, essential to meet stringent health and safety guidelines.


Industrial washers and dryers prove cost-effective in the long run, as they offer high efficiency and durability and can handle the repetitive laundering required in educational settings.


The hospitality industry places a premium on cleanliness and presentation. Hotels, from boutique establishments to large chains, demand pristine guest room linens, towels, restaurant tablecloths, and staff uniforms. Our industrial laundry machines are integral in helping hotels maintain high cleanliness standards and provide guests with a superior experience.

Correctional Facilities

Prisons and correctional facilities manage daily laundry, including inmate uniforms, bedding, and linens. These machines play a big part in keeping daily routines. 

Nursing Homes

Frequent laundering is essential to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for residents, and industrial machines ensure this is achieved without delay.

Streamline Workflows with the Best Industrial Laundry Washing Machines and Dryers in New Orleans

When you partner with Scott Equipment, you're not just selecting a laundry equipment provider. You're securing a comprehensive package of expert services, including design layout, installation, service and maintenance, and lifetime technical assistance.

As the leading provider of industrial washing machines and dryers in New Orleans, LA, we are committed to supporting you at every stage. Let us work together to improve labor efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance the overall productivity of your facility. 

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