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Laundry in hospitals, outpatient facilities, nursing homes, and other health institutions is subject to strict hygiene standards and regulations. Improperly disinfected bed linens can increase the risk of healthcare-acquired infections. 

As a critical measure for preventing contamination, healthcare administrators and laundry staff are responsible for properly handling, sorting, and cleaning dirty and soiled laundry to prevent the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms.

Proper laundry service is only possible with high-quality healthcare laundry equipment. We supply top-of-the-line laundry equipment designed for patient and staff safety, optimized wash processes, and lower operational costs. Our range of reliable laundry equipment gives you total control over your laundry operation, allowing you to achieve the standard of hygiene and quality you desire.

Reasons Why Good Laundry Care is Needed in Healthcare

As expected, textiles in health facilities come in contact with different contaminants and microorganisms, and if insufficiently sanitized, they can aggravate health conditions. The effective laundering of dirty and soiled linens plays a vital role in preventing contamination among patients and staff. Maintaining a robust and efficient laundry process provides the needed level of defense against bacteria and germs.

A typical situation in any fast-paced healthcare setting is the large linen volume that requires regular laundering. To keep up with the high volume of dirty linen, medical facilities must invest in quality equipment that enables them to achieve efficiency and cleanliness while maintaining compliance with government standards.

With good laundry care, your facility will meet its high laundry demand more streamlined manner while saving on time, energy, and money that is better spent on patient care. 

Lastly, having a good laundry process for your facility will boost patient and staff comfort.

Scott Equipment Offers Top Healthcare Laundry Equipment

Scott Equipment has been working with health care facilities, nursing care facilities, and many other medical centers to deliver the best-in-class laundry equipment, innovative products, and personal service. We have over 50 years of industry experience, so we understand exactly what you need to adequately meet your healthcare facility's laundry needs.

With high-quality name-brand laundry equipment models featuring advanced technology, fast cycle times, and excellent energy efficiency abilities, you'll find ideal healthcare laundry equipment for your facility.

We carry top laundry machines and ancillary parts from leading manufacturers like Dexter and Continental Girbau. These cutting-edge laundry machines offer multiple revolutionary features, including high disinfectant levels, faster extraction speeds, flexible programming, and intuitive controls that enable you to save time and money while boosting efficiency.

Unlike many traditional washers, our ArtiClean ozone laundry systems lower hot water consumption by up to 95% without compromising hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness. Many of our laundry machines provide the highest energy efficiency and the lowest water consumption of any laundry equipment available. Our user-friendly washers and tumble dryers are also designed with advanced features and controls to maintain the highest cleanliness levels.

Our knowledgeable team will help you make the right decision when creating an on-site laundry for your healthcare facility to ensure a seamless process. From facility planning, installation, technical support, service, and repairs and financing. You can count on us to optimize your on-premises laundry operations most efficiently and conveniently.

Need a Complete Laundry Solution for Your Healthcare Facility?

Upgrading your healthcare laundry facility with top, energy-efficient equipment offers multiple benefits. Let us work together to help you modernize your hospital laundry operations today. Contact us to learn more about our healthcare laundry equipment specifics or find a suitable machine for your laundry needs.

As industry leaders in conjunction with Dexter Equipment, streamlining design and focusing on sustainable products that reduce energy and water helps businesses produce crisp, clean laundry effectively and affordably.

The Scott Equipment team is dedicated to providing the very best laundry equipment supplier in Texas. Our customer service team is proud to provide the city with the most comprehensive commercial laundry care.

Trust and Choice

Commercial laundry services are an evergreen industry, and people always need clean linen, sports equipment, towels, and clothes. Luckily, benefits from revenue-generating, dependable machines for any business that wants to increase its ROI.

healthcare laundry equipment in texas

There are tons of decisions to make when planning a commercial laundry facility. Coin laundry machines should be state-of-the-art equipment with technical support to match. Scott Equipment understands this and places small and large ventures with the same level of care.

If you need help planning and developing your laundry space, then our friendly experts will help you find the perfect solution for your needs. We know that a business venture involving significant investments requires trust, information, and support. We want your business to thrive because that means Scott Equipment has done an excellent job.

Dexter's commercial washing machines and dryers are the best washing machines and dryers available in Texas and they provide longer life spans than their competitors. These machines are tested for their endurance and capability, and every machine is individually reviewed to ensure quality. Along with quality manufacturing of every component, Dexter provides warranties that knock other commercial laundry services out of the water.

The Scott Equipment team offers a customer service team that is committed to helping you get a healthy ROI. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to streamline your laundry services and to have the commercial laundry machine in Texas at your commercial business.

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