Find the Best Commercial Washing Machine in San Antonio TX with Help from Scott Equipment

Dozens of facilities, including hospitals, restaurants, spas, hotels, camps, and correctional facilities In San Antonio require on-site, on-premise laundry. Regardless of the type of facility you operate, you need a dependable commercial laundry room to support your needs. Running out of uniforms, linens, or towels is never an option, so you need equipment that delivers reliable performance and an instant clean. Scott Equipment offers a variety of the best commercial washing machines in San Antonio TX to ensure that we have the right fit for every client.

We take pride in our selection of commercial laundry manufacturers, including Dexter and Continental Girbau. While they may not be department store brand names, they are rugged washing machine brands that have proven their value for durability, reliability, and energy efficiency. Some companies are generational brands known for creating tough machines that sanitize without harming clothing and linens, reducing shrinkage and loss. In addition, all of these brands offer washing machines with extractors to help reduce energy costs and save natural resources, making them an investment your company can proudly share.

Types of Commercial Washing Machines

Before you can narrow down your options, you need to consider what type of commercial washing machine is appropriate for your facility. There are two types of commercial washing machines: vended laundry and on-premise laundry.

The most common type of commercial washing machine is on-premise laundry equipment, designed to handle large volumes of clothing and linens in a short time frame. On-premise laundry platforms are simple to operate, programmable, energy-efficient, and durable since the machines are in constant use. You will find on-premise laundry rooms in correctional facilities, hotels, schools, vet offices, hospitals, and similar locations.

As the name suggests, vended laundry is the term used to describe laundry rooms in commercial facilities that require payment per use. You can commonly find these machines in dormitories, apartments, laundromats, hotel guest areas, RV parks, etc. Vended laundry equipment has come a long way in the last few years, and today, coin, card, and digital options are available.

Elevate Your San Antonio Business with the Latest Commercial Washing Machines

find the best commercial washing machine in san antonio tx with help from scott equipment

Regardless of whether you need on-premise or vended commercial laundry solutions, your commercial washer should improve the bottom line of your company and reduce overhead. On-premise washers reduce overhead costs by allowing you to do linens on the property instead of hiring a send-out service. In contrast, vended machines allow you to profit by offering facilities on your property that can also improve the allure and value of your property.

Whichever model you are after, high-performing machines from leading brands such as Dexter or Continental Girbau will always garner noticeable results. For instance, Continental Girbau offers the G-Series washer/extractors with six programmable speeds and several user options to ensure complete customization. By reducing drying needs, these impressive machines reduce energy costs dramatically for all commercial clients.

Get Support for Your San Antonio Laundry Needs

A commercial business bringing a laundry center on-premise offers instant access to fresh linens on your own schedule, which is a perk unto itself. However, vended machines boost apartment value and add a new revenue stream.

Over the last decade, San Antonio has watched its population grow by over 100,000 people, which means the rental market is booming too, and commercial property owners should consider competitive ways to lure buyers their way. Vended laundry on-site is one easy way to do that. With its rich heritage, one-of-kind pueblo downtown area, and the Alamo within its city limits, it's a safe bet San Antonio will continue to grow.

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