How to Find the Best Commercial Laundry Machines For Your Business

Facilities that require on-site, on-premise laundry need the best commercial laundry equipment's to handle a large workload. Whether your organization is a hotel or a hospital, correctional facility or school, having dependable commercial laundry equipment's can help you keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. With so many options out there, deciding which type of equipment is the right fit can be challenging. Here are several factors to choose from and what equipment's our team at Scott Equipment recommends.

What features make the best commercial laundry equipment?

best commercial laundry machinesWhile you may be drawn to a particular brand of equipment, something to note is that although there are some retail brands that cross over to the commercial laundry space, the types of washers and dryers you need for a facility with high volume and turnover are an entirely different thing altogether.

Today’s commercial laundry equipments are built for durability, long-term use, high efficiency, and easy maintenance. They also contain features that allow you to track usage and efficiency to optimize your operation. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting the best commercial laundry equipment for your facility:

  • Size - You may be thinking that size is just about the footprint of the unit on your floor. While there are decisions to be made about facility layout, it is just as important to know the volume of laundry you handle, the number of units you need to handle that volume and how quickly you need to turn a load of laundry to be most efficient. Drum sizes can vary from 30 pound to 120-pound capacities and more.
  • Eco-Friendly Features - reducing your carbon footprint is one of the factors you may want to consider, but the benefit is that these machines are not only good for the environment but also good for your wallet. For example, when the washer extracts more water per load using higher speed spin functions, drying time and costs are reduced. Automatic chemical injection also is a fairly standard feature that can increase the useful lifespan of your sheets, uniforms, and more while reducing the amount of chemicals used per load.
  • Ease of Use - Depending on the type of user for a commercial machine, you need to have precise controls that are easy to understand, can be managed and enable use with minimal training. Some machines offer digital controls, multi-language capabilities, and preset settings to make them more efficient and ramp up staff faster.
  • Durability and Warranties - The last thing you need is a commercial washer and dryer that breaks or can be easily damaged by the user. Some manufacturers, such as Dexter, ensure every unit withstands extreme testing of up to 1,000 hours, running at maximum extract levels with extreme out-of-balance loads. Coupling this with industry-leading warranties covers major components technical support when you work with Scott Equipment and Dexter.
  • Cost - There are many ways to determine how cost-effective a machine is, but it is perhaps the most crucial factor for people looking to buy a commercial machine. Flexible financing and leasing programs can help take the load off your upfront investment and provide a faster path to ROI.

The Best Commercial Laundry Equipment's Recommended by Scott

Some examples of the high-quality commercial equipment we recommended include top quality brands by Dexter Continental Girbau, LG, and Econ-O-Wash. Below are a few we offer:


  1. Dexter O-series Washers - These washing machines offer the ultimate cycle flexibility and easy programming, Precise settings for 100 cycles with 20 stages that each allow for the most washes and delicate loads, including wet cleaning. Fully programmable 10-point chemical injection system allows for the right combination of chemicals at just the right time in the bath. 200G high speed extract saves drying energy and increases customer turnaround.
  2. Dexter O-series Dryers - These durable machines offer the ultimate cycle flexibility and easy programming. Dryers have a large capacity range from 30 to 120 lb along with moisture detection, wireless sensing and fire response system.
  3. Dexter On-Premise Stack Washer-Dryers - Dexter’s stackable washer and dryer combos come in 20, 30, and 50-pound capacities. They are perfect for businesses where space is limited. It features a durable frame, efficient dry times (that total less than an hour), and flexible washer and dryer controls.
  4. Continental Girbau E-Series Soft Mount Washer. These machines are designed to reduce water, electricity, and gas costs with their eco-friendly design. Their high-speed extractors, easy programmability and simple maintenance, along with a large range of units make them ideal for several applications.
  5. Continental’s E-Series Dryers pair nicely with their washer counterparts due to their ease of installation and maintenance.  They are available in gas and electric options and since they share the same dimensions and utility connections as most home-style dryers, they are a smart replacement for these less efficient models.
  6. B&C Commercial Washers save you money over the life of the machine with its low initial investment. Designed with fewer parts means fewer things to break. High extraction equals less time in the dryer which reduces energy consumption.

Need help selecting the best commercial laundry equipment's for your needs?

Scott Equipment can help you at every step of the way. With our flexible financing and leasing plans, we can work with budgets of all sizes. We can also provide supporting business services , such as design support, utility scheduling, laundry operations analysis, and construction support.

Contact us today to help you select the best commercial laundry equipment for your needs.

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