5 Reasons When to Replace your Commercial Laundry Washing Machine

There are various reasons to update and replace the commercial laundry equipment at your laundromat, hotel, long-term care community, salon, fitness center, or other on-premise laundry facilities.  Replacing your commercial laundry equipment is beneficial since it decreases expenses and increases the efficiency and profitability of your laundry room or laundry business. Here are just a few of the benefits of investing in updated, high-quality laundry equipment:

Less Maintenance and Machine Down-Time

A washing machine or dryer that is broken and in need of repair equals less money for your laundry. It also means additional work for you, since you'll have to add repairing the machine to yourwhen to replace washing machine apparently never-ending to-do list. When you buy new equipment, you know you're getting top-of-the-line equipment that will last for years. Scott Equipment is a proud dealer of Dexter Commercial Laundry Equipment, whose washers and dryers have a 1,000-hour out-of-balance test. Our new machines also come with a guarantee and customer service from trained industry specialists, so if a problem arises, your laundry equipment will be back up and running in no time.

Reduce Utility Costs 

About 80% of laundromat owners report spending 26% or more of their revenue on utilities and more than half of owners cite high utility costs as the largest obstacle for their laundromat business. New laundry equipment technology and design can reduce your utility consumption and increase overall efficiency. Equipment owners can run larger load capacities with the same service time, at lower costs! These new machines can also reduce utility and water costs inside of your on-premise laundry decreasing your business gas, water, and electric bills. 

Increase Customer Loyalty 

When it comes to encouraging clients to pick your business over the competition, upgrading and replacing your equipment make a huge impact.  Replacing your old equipment provides your consumers with an industry-leading brand name they will remember, higher-quality and more environmentally-friendly equipment, cutting-edge technology, and an overall better experience. Furthermore, the new laundry equipment will assist enhance the general appearance and feel of your laundromat, making it more friendly and relaxing for customers and giving an excellent first impression. Appearance, performance, and efficiency are all factors that contribute to a positive laundry experience and keep customers returning.  For our on-premise customers, fresher and softer sheets, linens, and towels will keep customers returning to your hotel, gym, or salon! home2 suites kingwood washers

Functionality and Conservation 

Just because a machine is still running does not mean that it is operating effectively. Older laundry machines may be unable to perform to their full potential, costing you more money than you realize and damaging the environment. Outdated machines frequently use more water and electricity, which may burn a hole in your wallet. High-efficiency laundry machines are more environmentally friendly since they use less water and save energy, resulting in cheaper utility expenses for you.

  • HE washers consume less water, energy, and detergent while providing far more benefits to you and the environment.
  • They use at least half the amount of water that typical, older models do.
  • They take less energy to heat water and run equipment because they consume less water.
  • Washing machines feature quick spin cycles that remove more water, resulting in less drying time.

Scott Equipment's machines are all Energy Star certified, and we offer a variety of top and front-loading models. Browse our HE machines from world-renowned manufacturers including Dexter, Continental, B and C Tech, and Maytag.

Increase Profitability

According to the Coin Laundry Association, self-service laundry businesses enjoy a 35 percent yearly return on investment. Replacing outdated laundry equipment with new machines gives several options to increase revenues including Charging More Per Load: When new equipment is added to a laundry facility, customers expect to pay 10-20% more to use new machines.  Cutting Down on Costs: With better design and efficiency, new laundry equipment costs significantly less to run.  Adding Brand Value: New equipment adds value to your brand almost immediately after installation.


Scott Equipment wants to work with you and go above and beyond to ensure the success of your laundry business. We can help you purchase the best equipment for your facility at the right price by offering a selection of products and financing options. Contact our trained laundry consultants now if you're ready to take the next step in upgrading your commercial laundry equipment!