Ozone Laundry Systems – Is it Right for your Commercial Laundry?

A number of businesses will be drastically changed as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. The growing emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene will continue, especially for businesses that serve the general public, including on-premise and vended commercial laundries. 

Ozone Laundry Systems, which were created decades ago, have continuously evolved over the years and are now growing in popularity among laundry owners and operators. When used with when used with Dexter machines, ozone treatment systems prevent cross-contamination. An Ozone wash system is a natural cleaning technique that eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mold.  It is a safe, powerful addition to your laundry process, in fact, ozone systems are so effective at cleaning and sanitizing that the CDC has approved them to handle healthcare laundry.  

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a strong naturally occurring oxidant composed of unstable oxygen that lyses microorganisms. It uses cold ozone water in ambient temperatures to disinfect laundry. The advantage of utilizing ozone is that it eliminates harmful germs and viruses while also eliminating odor and leaving the clothes smelling clean and fresh while saving you money on laundry bills.

How Ozone Works

Ozone wash is a revolutionary laundry method that employs a strong oxidizing gas known as ozone.articlean ada ok Ozone is produced in ozone commercial laundry systems by combining oxygen and electricity. The ozone is then dissolved in the washing water.

When ozone water comes into contact with organic substances in your laundry, it oxidizes (or destroys) them. This includes bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms. Many inorganic compounds, including soils and greases, are also broken down by ozone. This allows water to more easily extract pollutants from your clothing and wash them away.

Pair Your Dexter Washers and Dryers with Articlean to Get These Ozone Benefits

Ozone Laundry Systems offer several advantages to laundry operators and end-users, including:

  • Provides 99.999% disinfection from germs, viruses & bacteria
  • Kills bacteria 3,200 times better than bleach using ambient water
  • Laundry may be cleaned using little chemicals, extending the life of the products being laundered.
  • Fewer chemicals = a better environment.
  • Coldwater consumes less energy, lowering utility expenses while also being better for the environment.
  • Laundromat customers will keep coming back to your store: clothes, bedding, and other home laundry cleaned in ozone systems are not only cleaner but also softer and smell fresher than those done in regular water.
  • Gym/ Health club/ Salon/ Spa/ Hotel customers will appreciate the soft towels and linens in addition to the fresh scent, increasing the chance of repeat visits.
  • Laundry that has been ozone washed retains less moisture than laundry that has been cleaned in traditional commercial washers. This results in faster drying times, which benefits everyone: consumers, operators, and the environment.

We recognize that a laundromat equipped and supported by Scott is a major investment but it is one that can set you apart from your competition. Dexter C-Series coin laundry machines help owners provide industry-leading equipment to keep them returning again and again. Owners can expect the Dexter C-Series machines to be:

  • Efficient with 100 G-force of extraction for better washing performance for even the biggest loads
  • Durable for long-lasting use to help avoid constant replacement for faulty machines
  • Reliable with a 10-year warranty for most parts (and a 3-year warranty to cover the rest)
  • User-friendly with enhanced features like a common user interface on all solutions, several language options, and detailed prompts that take the guesswork out of its operation

Scott Equipment has a wide array of Dexter C-Series commercial laundry equipment to fit any laundromat. Look to the Dexter T-300T-400T-600T-900, and T-1200 washers for superior performance with several features to maximize your revenue. Dexter C-Series companion dryers T-30T-50, T-80, T-30X2, and T-50X2, are engineered to finish heavy-duty loads and secure a profitable ROI.

Learn More about Ozone and Dexter Laundry Systems

Ozone treatment systems can help to prevent and defend against viruses and germs. When paired with Dexter you can be assured an efficient platform that with work for years to come.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing or leasing an ozone system in South Texas or Louisiana. And if you need more information on how Scott Equipment's ozone services may help you save money and sanitize more efficiently, we're here to assist.

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