5 Tips to Make Your Commercial Laundry Equipment Last Longer

Investing in the right commercial laundry equipment is an important business decision, but so is maintaining that investment. Keeping your laundry equipment clean and well-maintained will allow it to perform to its best capacity and provide you with a return on your investment. Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your investment and avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Know your Machine

bluebonnet nursing rehab new 2Whether your machines are new or old, they all have specific needs and requirements based on their year, manufacture, and model. Recognize that front-loaders differ from top-loaders in a few ways. If you have front-loading machines, make sure the seal surrounding the door frame is well-dried and cleaned off every day to prevent moisture, dust, or mold from accumulating. Familiarize yourself with your equipment and what you should and should not do. What kind of laundry detergent do they use? How do the needs of your washing machines differ from those of your dryers? What suggestions does the manufacturer have for maintaining your machines in good working order? Read your owner’s handbook or consult with your local provider and pros.

Every commercial laundry machine comes with an installation and operation manual, which contains a section on routine maintenance.

Change Washer Valves 

Depending on how frequently your washing machines are used and how quickly the filters become dirty, you’ll want to clean the inlet and outlet filters on a regular basis. The inlets of your washingf143929882 machine regulate the entry of water into your washing machine, so it is important that the filters keep as clean as possible. Changing out just one little filter on a regular basis will make a significant impact on the performance of your washing machines, and your laundromat customer or your on-premise laundry staff will appreciate the faster cycle times as well!

Clean the Lint Screen 

If you know anything about laundry equipment, you know that lint may be quite dangerous. Cleaning the lint screen in the dryer after each run is more than necessary to keep your commercial laundry equipment in top-notch condition. Lint buildup may cause laundry fires, which is why it should be cleaned on a daily basis. If your dryers are in a commercial or OPL laundry facility, make sure your employees are aware of this important step. Post reminders to check the lint screens before each usage and to clear them out after each cycle if these machines are used by laundromat customers or multi-housing laundry residents. Makes sure that your staff checks and cleans lint screens on a regular basis, regardless of where your commercial dryers are used. 

Clean the Soap Dispensers and Dryer Vents 

Cleaning the soap dispensers in your washing machines is a basic everyday task. The detergent is poured into your machines via the soap dispenser. After each usage, residual detergent is left in the dispenser, and this residue can accumulate over time. You should be able to remove the dispenser drawer from your commercial washing machine so that you can wash and clean it easily!

Cleaning your dryer vents twice a year will improve the efficiency of your dryers, resulting in shorter cycle times, lower gas bills, less dryer maintenance expenses, and a better customer experience.

Keep the Washer Door Open 

aaron meacham z3qak44ypyc unsplashYour washing machine’s doors should be left open after each use. Keeping the doors open prevents mold and other microorganisms from growing inside. It’s also a good idea to wipe down the inside of your commercial laundry equipment on a daily basis to keep the doors clean. This removes any lingering dirt and residue from the cycle. Put up signs to remind customers and employees to keep the doors open, and include wipe downs in your regular cleaning plan!

Know when to Call a Pro

There are many tasks you can do on your own to keep your commercial washing machines running longer.  For all those other essential responsibilities call on the professionals at Scott Equipment  Our well-trained technicians and knowledgeable staff with help you get enrolled in a service and commercial washing machine maintenance plan that is right for you.  And when an emergency does come up, know that we have a speedy and efficient response time that will never leave you without a machine for too long.

Give us a call today at, 800-321-7268 to find out more about our supportive commercial washing machine maintenance services and unparalleled customer support.