An Investment in the Best Commercial Laundry Equipments for Schools and Athletics Programs in Austin, TX Can Change
Your Game

laundry equipments for schools and athletics in austin tx

After the agame, one aspect of school athletic programs likely to not score high points - how do professional, college, or high school teams keep their athletes' uniforms so clean? With large quantities of laundry to handle, ranging from supporters, pads, jerseys, towels, swimsuits, and uniforms, you need the best commercial laundry machines for schools and athletic programs in Austin.

Dirt, stubborn stains, and odors seem to be eventual and inevitable when dealing with athletic laundry. Regardless of your athletic operation size, investing in fast, reliable athletic laundry equipment is essential to keep your athletes healthy, clean, and confident while competing in team sports.

Having top-quality on-premise laundry machines for your school athletic programs helps eliminate the stress of handling soiled and dirty team gear with the added benefit of controlling the quality of your laundry and saving on costs. Additionally, these machines are designed to clean and disinfect athletic laundry properly, helping keep bacteria and viruses at bay. Let us help your team lead with sportswear that lasts longer, performs better, and smells fresher for many seasons to come. 

Partner with a Laundry Systems Expert

Scott Equipment has over 40 years of experience providing access to the highest quality on-premise laundry systems, built to deliver unmatched energy efficiency, durability, and ease of use. In addition to supplying the best laundry equipment, we also offer professional equipment installation, service and repair, and technical support.

We understand the unique needs of a sports/athletic facility, and you can count on us to customize a practical solution that positively impacts your laundry operation and will provide you with the best commercial laundry machines for schools and athletic programs in Austin. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work out all the details of getting your laundry equipment up and running so you can focus on empowering your team to do what it does best.

Innovative Laundry Solutions for Your Athletic Laundry

We're proud to offer a wide range of top-quality laundry systems that deliver excellent performance and more efficient operations.

E-Series Soft Mount Washers

With extract speeds of up to 405-G force, the soft-mount E-Series Washer-Extractors will dramatically improve your laundry productivity and cut energy consumption. They are available in 20- to 255-pound capacity models.

G-Flex Hard-Mount Washers

As Continental's most innovative hard-mount washers, these offer superior performance and high programmability with extract speeds of 200 G-force. With higher extract speeds, loads dry faster, reducing dryer usage and gas consumption.

Pro-Series Drying Tumblers

Pro-Series II Dryers are constructed for quick drying, efficiency, easy-to-use programmable controls, and durability. The drying tumblers can be paired with Continental washer extractors for unmatched results and significantly reduced laundry operation costs.

Ozone Disinfecting Units

The ozone laundry system uses the natural cleaning powers of ozone to kill microorganisms found in dirty laundry effectively. Designed for high sanitization capabilities, it provides the best defense against the spread of viruses and bacteria amongst athletes and staff.

Replacing older/malfunctioning machines for newer ones may seem like a huge upfront cost, but it doesn't have to be when you partner with Scott Equipment. We have competitive financing and flexible leasing programs to help you manage your initial expenses and save on maintenance and repair costs.  

Maximize Laundry Throughput for Your Team

Many athletes put a lot of effort into becoming better players and bringing their best in the game. In the same way, ensuring your sport's team gear is clean and ready for every workout or game gives each athlete the best possible opportunity for success.

Trust Scott Equipment for the best commercial laundry machines for schools and athletic programs in Austin. Contact us today and let us guide you through decisions that will ensure you have an effective on-premise laundry solution for your sports/athletic facility.

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