Dexter Laundry Washer and Dryer Supplier in San Antonio, TX: Innovative Laundry Solutions That Set You Apart

Is equipment downtime interrupting the way you run your laundry operations? Maybe your old, inefficient machine has served its purpose, and it's time to consider an upgrade. Scott Equipment has you covered with a revolutionary selection of Dexter Laundry washer and dryer in San Antonio, TX. These machines offer the best in efficiency, programmability, durability, and ease of use, guaranteeing quality results that delight your customers.

Dexter, Your Top Choice for Quality Laundry Solutions


As one of the top names in San Antonio, Scott Equipment has been leading the way in the industry for over 40 years. We specialize in commercial laundry equipment in San Antonio, offering top-of-the-line commercial laundry machine products from leading manufacturing partners such as Dexter. Keep your employees and customers from growing more frustrated with outdated equipment that barely does the job. Investing in world-class laundry equipment with enhanced usability and features in a highly competitive market is the best way to propel your business forward.

Whatever your commercial laundry equipment needs, we're here to outfit your laundry with quality washers and dryers from an industry-leading brand name – Dexter. We provide a wide range of laundry solutions, including card and coin-operated laundry machines and stack washers for those with limited spaces. If you would love to run a successful laundry business, partner with us, and let us find you the perfect equipment mix that offers the best experience for your customers.

dexter laundry washer and dryer supplier in san antonio, tx

Improved Technologies to Save Water and Utilities

Older, outdated, or malfunctioning equipment can quickly drive energy costs through the roof. When your utility costs are seemingly higher than intended, chances are there's a wastage of precious resources like water and fuel in the wash-and-dry process. 

Upgrading to more energy-efficient machines with a high IMEF (Integrated Modified Energy Factor) and a low IWF (Integrated Water Factor) is your best bet for decreasing utility costs and running a more profitable laundry facility. Our laundry machine lines, like Dexter Express washers and dryers, are designed to consume less energy and complete wash/dry cycles faster.


Safety Features for Your Laundry Business in San Antonio

Another reason why we recommend Dexter commercial laundry equipment is because it's engineered with security and safety in mind. Specifically, you'll find safety features such as emergency shutoff, safety door locks, and fire protection systems to protect patrons and customers using machines in a vended laundry facility or on-premise laundry room. If you're looking for a laundry system that keeps everyone safe in the case of an emergency, Dexter is it.

Innovative Laundry Management Solutions

Beyond payment technology, Dexter machines offer convenience that delivers a modern and easy-to-use laundry experience for all users. With innovative features and upgrades like DexterLive Controls, clients can create and adjust customized cycles down to soak time, wash speed and water levels, and chemical injections. This provides greater value for both laundry managers and clients.

Affordable Best-in-class equipment to Run Your Laundry Business into Profit

We understand that the upfront costs of purchasing and installing a piece of new laundry equipment can be intimidating. We offer flexible equipment financing to ease your burden by helping you acquire your equipment through equipment leasing. Through this approach, many clients with tight budgets can upgrade their laundry rooms with the highest-quality, most advanced commercial laundry equipment with a bit of flexibility. Furthermore, you're not just buying equipment when you partner with us; instead, you become part of a team that cares about your success.

The growth of San Antonio's population, businesses, schools, colleges, health care facilities, multi-housing establishments, spas, and gyms has resulted in an increased demand for reliable laundry systems powerful enough to keep up with high volume loads. The Dexter line of equipment offers complete laundry systems with cutting-edge capabilities for unmatched performance.

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