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Increasing laundry machine performance, reducing utility costs, and satisfying clients are top priorities for any commercial laundromat owner. Of even more concern is outfitting the laundry facility with top-quality commercial laundry equipment that maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection. With an ozone commercial washer in Houston, you're assured of superior deep cleaning, high-quality results, maximum savings, and an environmentally friendly laundry solution for your facility.

As people become more focused on hygiene standards, finding the right laundry equipment to meet their needs is crucial. Ozone laundry systems are designed to effectively remove and inactivate dangerous bacteria and viruses in dirty laundry. Further, making the ozone system a part of your laundry process will only use a fraction of the water and energy consumed in traditional washers, helping you save significantly on your laundry operations costs.

According to the CDC, ozone laundry systems are so highly effective at cleaning and sanitizing that they are recommended for use in healthcare laundry operations. So, you can trust you're putting your clients in good hands. If you're dissatisfied with your current commercial laundry equipment, maybe it's time to upgrade to an ozone laundry system with the potential to improve your laundry process and make it easier than it has ever been.

Scott Equipment stands ready to take your commercial laundry service to the next level with revolutionary ozone commercial laundry systems in Houston.

Understanding the Science of Ozone Laundry Systems

Ozone equipment washing machines give off ozone gas by combining oxygen and electricity. The ozone decontaminates clothing and linen using cold ozone water in ambient temperatures. As a powerful oxidizer, ozone readily breaks bacteria, mold, or any other organic contaminant, easily removing them from the clothing and fabric by detergents.

Why Should You Consider an Ozone Cleaning System in Your Commercial Laundry?

Adding an ozone laundry system to your commercial laundry business has multiple benefits.

Reduced Energy Cost

A laundry facility with an ozone system can significantly reduce energy costs due to shortened cycles and drying times. More importantly, ozone cleaning works best in cold water, meaning you can effectively launder the most heavily soiled loads without adding to your heating/gas costs.

Sanitizes your Laundry

As a powerful oxidizer and disinfectant, ozone removes dirt and kills microorganisms at a faster rate - 3,000 times faster than bleach.

Removes Odors

Are you worried about stubborn odors? Ozone gas absorbs deep into fabrics, eliminating the odor source to give cleaner and fresher-smelling linens. Additionally, through its superior cleaning power, our ozone system clears mold growing in the fabric and the gaskets of your laundry machine.

Reduced Water / Sewer Costs

Due to shortened cycle times in ozone systems, there is less water usage and reduced sewer costs. Unlike conventional washing, fewer steps are needed to achieve quality cleaning. This decreases the overall water and sewer demand for the laundry facility.

Reduced Chemical / Detergent Costs

When laundering linens with ozone-infused water, you minimize using harsh laundry chemicals or detergents. Essentially, using fewer chemicals is a huge win for the environment.

Extends Linen life

With fewer chemicals, cold water, and shorter drying times, you'll elevate your laundry experience and extend linen life as there is less fabric degradation. Ozone cleaning systems also improve the softness of your laundry.

Better, More Advanced Controls

Our commercial ozone washers feature smart controls that allow users to monitor the system and ensure it's running correctly. Paired with the Dexter C-Series commercial laundry machines, you can create a top-of-the-line system perfect for all your commercial laundry needs.

Try an Ozone Commercial Washer in Houston

Too many businesses are putting up with laundry equipment that cannot deliver on basic sanitation guidelines or efficient laundry operations. Don't be caught up too! Invest in our ArtiClean's ozone commercial washers in Houston for guaranteed deep-cleaning, cost-saving, and longer-lasting results.

Our service technicians take great pride in professional installations and the highest level of customer service. Contact us today for more information on our Ozone and Dexter Laundry Systems.

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