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Maximize Your Return on Investment with a Coin Operated Washer and Dryer in the Austin TX Area

coin operated washer and dryer in austin txToday's coin laundry operations require your company to have industry-leading equipment. There are a lot of choices regarding coin laundry equipment companies in Austin. Whether a remodel or a new store, we can deliver the best coin laundry machines and services as well as the best ROI for your operation.

Austin laundromat owners, architects and developers rely on Scott Equipment to procure, lease, install and maintain quality, revenue-generating, commercial washers and dryers for their laundry operations.

If your looking to design and develop a new facility, our experienced team of experts can support identifying the coin laundry machines and services in the Austin area to enable you to open for business quickly and allowing you to be more efficient and profitable.

We Support both small and large customers, and help them through each step of the process, including:


  • Site viability analysis
  • Demographic analysis
  • Financing
  • Lease negotiations
  • Service and service training
  • Competitive analysis
  • Layout and design
  • Construction oversight support
  • Marketing

With decades of experience, we are experts in all major brands and issues. We are trusted by laundromats, major motel brands, universities and more to support their investments. Our dedicated staff of factory-trained installers and service technicians ready to serve our clients with services including equipment specifications, machine programming, installation, engineering, service contracts, layout & design, production analysis, and service training.

Why Dexter is The Best Coin Operated Laundry Equipment for Your Needs

You can't afford for your laundry business to be soiled with a reputation of inefficient or broken machines. Your customers are looking for a fantastic experience and top-of-the-line service. One of the industry-leading manufactures we represent is Dexter.

Dexter's coin laundry machines are the longest lasting machines on the market today. Each machine is tested for longevity, withstanding testing of up to 1,000 hours under extreme conditions, running at maximum extract levels with high out-of-balance loads. Their leading warranty includes covering major components for up ten years on washers and five years on dryers. You also receive a three-year parts warranty that covers the rest. All machines are also accompanied by lifetime technical support when working with Scott Equipment and Dexter.

Dexter is so confident in their machines and testing that they can offer some of the best warranties in the industry. From washer bearings to dryer fans, Dexter products provide unmatched quality and durability.

We provide customers with installation support, but our customer service is highly regarded in the industry. We provide customers with unmatched coin-laundry washers, dryers, and services

Dexter Commercial Washing Machines & Dryers

Dexter coin operated laundry equipment offers a complete line of coin and card machines. For laundromats, we recommend the Dexter Express line due to their lower gas and power consumption, and their ability to wash and dry clothes faster. Your customers will get full turn in under an hour, while reducing your utility costs by as much as 60 percent or more.

The C-Series is Dexter's most intelligent and powerful product lineup to date and features leading technology including the DexterLive web application. DexterLive produces maximum efficiency and revenue by allowing unprecedented access for administering equipment settings and enabling interactions with multiple users across your business.

The Scott Leasing Program: Costs in Line with your Revenue Goals

Leasing commercial laundry equipment does not have to be complicated. Our CleanCare solution makes leasing equipment simple and less time consuming. We have endeavored to make our leasing process extremely straightforward and includes delivery of the unit(s), removal of your old units and cost savings by offsetting the installation price, so it functions as the first and last months’ lease fees.

Monthly payments are inclusive of the price, delivery costs, and installation. Your payments also include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Usage service calls
  • Labor and energy costs

With Scott Equipment, you never need to worry about any fine print or hidden costs on the backend.

Looking for Long-Term Success. Let Scott Equipment Get You There

Ensure Your Tenants and Customers Get the Laundry Room they Deserve

Our personalized approach to your facility allows us to work with you directly to select the program and the machines that best meet your needs, giving you the best ROI while giving residents and customers the satisfaction they deserve.

By custom tailoring your solution we can give you not only great machines, but a great leasing program, maintenance program and more. Customization also means having the ability to sell and maintain equipment and parts from several manufacturers.

Your success is our success. Please contact us if we can help your business grow by providing quality coin operated washers and dryers in Austin to your facility.

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