Best Commercial Laundry Equipment of 2021

Commercial washing equipment is made with the highest quality components that lead to less equipment downtime and fewer repairs.  This included using a stainless steel front, sides and cabinet, connections for automatic chemical injection, compartments  to supply dispensers for dry and liquid chemicals, rear drain connections, and high advanced programs.  Without these characteristics, they would not be able to stand up to continuous use. Many of these commercial laundry equipment's are equipped with customizable features that can be adapted for use depending on their application or location. The best vended commercial laundry machine's also can be networked together to allow analytical reporting, have multiple payment options, and have several built-in safety features. Let’s look at a few of these features and walk through what makes a commercial laundry equipment the best choice.

Today’s laundry equipment come from manufacturers specializing in industrial or commercial applications, which means they are not necessarily the same brands you’d recognize from those found at a department store. While companies like Whirlpool and Maytag are known, others like Dexter, Continental Girbau, and B and C technologies are some of the best commercial washers and dryers on the market today. Let’s look at one of the top performers in this category, Dexter.

Vended and on-premise laundry equipment are the two types of commercial and industrial laundry equipment's.

  • Vended laundry is an industry name describing those machines where people use laundry machines they do not own. This may be at a laundromat, hotel guest laundry, an apartment community, dorm, or rv park where some payment is required to use the machine.
  • On-premise laundry equipment provides the ability to process large amounts of laundry on-demand at your place of business.

Commercial laundry equipment should help you build a better business

Both types of machines can be efficient and have all the safety and reporting features you need to make money but in different ways. Vended machines are a cash business, and you receive immediate payment from the customer. Today’s machines also provide several payment options, from cash to debit cards, loyalty cards, and mobile phone payments.

Vended machines also make money because your customers come back regularly ( i.e. a local laundromat) in many cases.  On-premise machines provide a service that adds value to your customers and your staff.

The better the machine, the better it is for your business. Having broken equipment is a losing proposition.  Industrial machines are tested to work cycle after cycle in even the harshest laundry environment. Look for machines that are designed to withstand rigorous conditions. Dexter, for example, conducts a 1,000-hour test (running the unit at maximum extract with an extreme out-of-balance load).

Underperforming laundry solutions don’t just erode profits but are an open invitation for your competitors to eat away at your customers. Keep your business healthy and growing by reviewing your location, layout, machine types, and staffing levels to help maximize your business potential. Scott-Equipment provides this support in addition to recommending a suitable machine for your needs.

Lastly, in several parts of the US, increased sewage, water, and utilization rates have compelled owners and  facility, and general managers to find new ways to save money. Replacing older laundry equipment with high efficiency, modern equipment allows for less water and energy that pays off with decreased operating costs. They also have several safety factors and automation features that can preserve your linens, towels, uniforms, clothing, etc., and help reduce labor and training costs.

A focus on safety

The liability of not having built-in safety features puts both your business and your customers at risk. Today’s modern machines have several new features that make upgrading a must for commercial laundry equipment. Here are a few features you should look for:

Emergency shutoff* – If you needed to stop a machine mid-cycle, like a caught garment in the loading process, or a customer forgets and wants to add more to the machine. Or in bad cases, there have been times children have gotten into a machine and been injured. This creates not only dangers for the child but a liability for the owner. Some machines can’t stop a machine mid-cycle and require you to pull a breaker and wait for the machine to unlock. Look for laundry equipment with an emergency shutoff button that will drain the water and unlock the door.

Safety Door locks are needed to keep small children from entering the machine and keep someone from opening the machine mid cycle. Most laundry equipment has this function, but be aware of the importance as well.

Fire protection – Dryers are efficient because of a combination of heat, air circulation, motion, drum speed, and more. The challenge is that this combination can also produce a lot of heat. Fire response systems are in the newest machines. They continuously monitor drum temperatures, even after the cycle is complete. If there is an unexpected increase in temperature, the machine (depending on the model) will automatically respond to the situation through an alarm, intermittently spray water into the cylinder while tumbling to disperse the water throughout the load. This will reduce the fire and limit the damage to the machine. Some models have a dowsing system that when the emergency temperature is reached, the machine turns on the water thoroughly to dowse the load entirely. Read more about these features here.

Moisture detection systems have patented wireless technology that monitors laundry loads and can stop the cycle when the desired dryness level is detected. This intelligent technology was designed to extend linen life, save on utilities, reduce labor costs and increase laundry throughput. Read more about this feature here.

*Dexter is the only company to have the emergency shutoff function.

Provide data that helps program your machines and make intelligent decisions

No longer is laundry equipment controlled via a bunch of dials. Commercial laundry equipment today provide the ability to program machine controls to manage the equipment. Free web applications and mobile phone apps allow you to create and adjust cycle, stage settings, including tumble action, soak time, chemical injections. All the information is even downloadable for analysis and management reporting.

Why is management reporting critical? Keep an eye on equipment productivity and get a total view of your laundry room. You can even track machine downtime and cycle usage to make sure laundry is running efficiently. Dexter laundry equipment has all of these functions wrapped into one online platform. Read more about DexterLive here.

In conclusion, the features mentioned above are what we look for which is why we have selected Dexter Laundry as the manufacturer of choice for Scott Laundry.

Scott Equipment is a Leading Dexter Authorized Distributor

All of this a bit much to absorb? Scott Equipment can help. We can:

  • Help you choose the ideal location for your laundromat
  • Support laundry room layout
  • Aid in finding the right products
  • Handle installation and long-term support
  • Minimize operating costs in your OPL

Scott Equipment can help create a successful laundry experience for your business, staff, and customers. Contact us today for more information on any of the features mentioned in this article or how we can help make your business successful.

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