8 Tips To Save Money & Reduce Utility Costs at Your Laundromat

One of the most common topics we talk about with laundry owners and investors is utility expenses. Utility costs are mentioned by more than 60% of laundromat owners as the most significant barrier to their business. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that we get a lot of inquiries from laundromat owners about how to cut electricity bills, save money, and be more environmentally friendly. Here are a few pointers that help you save money at your laundromat and decrease your electricity bills.

Invest In Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment 

fiesta wd2If your laundromat’s commercial washing laundry equipment is more than five years old, you can benefit tremendously from the recent innovations in newer machines. Shorter drying times, lower dryer temperatures, and cooler water temps are all new energy-saving techniques. . Dexter Laundry leads the commercial laundry industry in incorporating new technologies into our products. Every Dexter laundry product is the result of years of research, development, and continual improvement. Dexter commercial laundry equipment is designed to consume less energy while generating more money. Dexter products help you lower your laundry’s running expenses and improve your revenue.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting 

Another fantastic method to keep power expenses down at your laundry is to use energy-efficient LED lights. According to the Washington Post, a single bulb saves $1.25 a month. Did you know that energy-efficient lightbulbs such as halogens, LEDs, and CFLs typically use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescents and can last 3-25 times longer? That may not sound like a lot, but when multiplied by all of the lights in your laundromat and taken into account how long light bulbs may last, the small savings can rapidly mount up.

Clean and Maintain Machines

tonkawa coin laundry tonkawa ok 5Commercial laundry equipment that is well-maintained and cleaned on a regular basis will run at optimum efficiency, saving laundromat owners money in the long run. Throughout the day, machines should be cleaned and inspected for damage.

Encourage Cold Water Use & Install Ozone 

Warming the water consumes a large portion of the energy used by your washers, therefore encouraging your employees and customers to utilize cold water may save you money. Installing an Articlean Ozone System in your laundromat will not only save money but cleans and sanitizes every load and leaves clothes and linen whiter, softer, sanitized, and fresher smelling which ensures repeat customers. 

Ozone carries an electrical/ chemical charge in the wash water, which actually starts to dissolve soil on contact. This process activates the chemicals in cold water instead of using hot water at 140-160 degrees. 

Encourage the usage of cold water by: 

  • Hanging signs and banners around the laundromat to educate customers about cold water use.
  • Placing stickers on the machine to “choose cold” for the Ozone Wash

    img 1546 2

    Select cold wash ozone sticker on dexter washer

Use a Light Timer or Sensor

When there are no clients, the cost of lighting your laundry may rapidly pile up. Lowering your electricity bills may be as simple as putting your lights on a schedule or using a motion sensor to switch them on and off. Consider using the same timers or settings on your electronics, such as your office computer or the television in your lounge area.

Adjust Laundromat Temperature 

You may set your thermostat on a timer or sensor in the same way you set your lights on a timer or sensor. Even minor adjustments, which are unlikely to be noticed, can have a significant effect. Outside of working hours, there is no need to heat or cool the building significantly. Using fans to circulate air can also assist to maintain a constant temperature throughout the building.

Train Laundromat Staff

When it comes to preserving gas, water, and energy, your employees are your first line of defense. You want everyone at your laundry to be on the same page when it comes to environmentally responsible behaviors and practices. Furthermore, well-trained and engaged employees are more likely to identify possible machine issues.

Share Eco Friedly Practices with Customers

If you prioritize sustainability and environmental friendliness, you should promote those values with your consumers. Posters, banners, and interactions may help employees learn about green laundry habits like using cold water and shorter dry times, which can save your laundromat (and customers) money.

Scott Equipment’s specialists can assist you with everything from energy-efficient commercial laundry equipment to business consulting.