6 Ways To Make Your On-Premise Laundry More Energy-Efficient

6 ways to make your on-premise laundry more energy-efficientAs technology continues to advance and costs continue to increase, one thing is for sure: energy efficiency is a top priority for business owners. Investing in energy-saving, on-premise laundry equipment technologies is a smart way to save substantial amounts of money and reduce the environmental impact of your laundry. To encourage this kind of eco-friendly thinking, the Scott Equipment team has compiled a number of tips for creating a laundry area that will help you save on energy costs.

Updated Commercial Laundry Equipment

High quality and eco-friendly laundry equipment, such as commercial washers and dryers from Continental-Girbau, Dexter Laundry, or B&C Technologies are designed to reduce cycle times, use less water and electricity, and be increase overall efficiencies.

Advanced controls, such as the Dexter O-Series, also give you more control over water levels. Although some machines deliver low, medium, and high levels of water, Dexter machines offer 100 programmable cycles. In addition, monitoring features help you detect issues such as leaks that can waste hundreds or thousands of gallons of water each year.

Encourage Using Cold Water

Did you know that when using the right detergents and wash cycles, washing clothes in cold water gets clothes just as clean as hot water while using less energy and money? Encouraging the use of cold water in your washing machines can make a huge difference in your electricity costs per year.

Reuse Guest Rooms Linens

In an initiative to be more eco-friendly, many OPL facilities, such as hotels, have made it possible for patrons to reuse sheets, towels, and blankets rather than wash them on a daily basis. This can help decrease energy use and waste throughout your laundry operation.

Ensure Equipment is Kept Clean

Encourage your laundry room staff to clean lint screens between uses. By checking to make sure that all lint filters on your dryers are clean after each use, your linens will dry faster and your machines can use less energy. In addition, it is important to clean the ducts regularly to ensure that the heated air enters your dryers as efficiently as possible.

Train Your Staff

A well-trained staff is the first line of defense when it comes to increasing energy efficiency in your on-premise laundry facility.  Teach them how to make proper use of commercial washers and dryers, conduct on-going meetings and training, and ask for their feedback and suggestions. Sustainability and environmentally safe laundry activities are a joint effort.

Going Green beyond your Equipment

When you are focusing on going green and sustainability in your on-premise laundry, look beyond the equipment. Simple modifications, such as upgrading your lights to energy-efficient bulbs, setting timers to automatically turn off lights and electronics when not in use will help reduce your footprint and save money.  Other initiatives such as installing and using solar panels or other forms of renewable energy throughout your building are larger investments but pay off in savings over time.


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