6 Easy Ways to Improve Your On-Premise Laundry Room

Every business owner or manager strives to save money, enhance profits, and improve efficiency. For many companies, this begins in their on-premise laundry room. Scott Equipment has been working with OPL establishments in South Texas and Louisiana since 1967, ranging from hospitality to health care to government entities such as jails, fire departments, and schools. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about running a profitable laundry business. With that in mind, here are some simple ways to improve your on-premise laundry facility.

Upgrade your Laundry Equipment

Energy-efficient machines will help reduce utility costs, which are still a major issue for laundry, hospitality, and healthcare business owners across the South. Furthermore, integrating Dexter Live will make programming your controls and managing your laundry easier than ever. You may use this free online application to create and modify all of your cycle settings.  We also recommend upgrading to an O-Series Dryer with Moisture Detection. The Dexter Moisture Detection System monitors your laundry and stops the cycle when the desired level of dryness is reached, thanks to patented wireless technology. This cutting-edge technology helps to extend linen life, save money on utilities, cut labor costs, and boost throughput.

Right-Size your Laundry 

6 easy ways to improve your on-premise laundry roomTo ensure that you’re meeting your business’s laundry needs, get the right capacity washers and dryers for your industry and space. For example, a vet clinic or nail salon may require smaller capacity machines to handle smaller loads of towels on a regular basis, whereas a 125-room hotel may require larger capacity machines to handle comforters, sheets, towels, and linens several times per day.  Our laundry professionals use a formula sizing tool that takes into account the type of laundry, the number of rooms, the amount of linen to be processed, the hours of laundry room operation, and the occupancy factor to make sure you are getting the right machines for business.  Be sure to ask them about “The Laundry Dollar”! 

Make Maintenance a Top Priority 

Prioritizing maintenance not only creates a better (and safer) working environment but also ensures that your commercial laundry equipment operates at top performance. Routine cleaning and maintenance also allow you to detect major issues, including leaks before they do more damage.

Encourage Using Cold Water 

Did you know that when the optimal detergents and wash cycles are used, washing clothes in cold water cleans them just as well as washing them in hot water while consuming less energy and money? Encouraging the use of cold water in your washing machines will significantly reduce your annual power expenses. In some industries such as healthcare, we highly recommend an Articlean Ozone System. The ArtiClean system ozonizes cold, non-ozonated water that flows into the wash process of the washing machine. The ozonizing process does not produce any off-gas by-products, making it safe.

Train your Staff 

dexter on premise laundry dryersYou can’t always be in the laundry room. When it comes to enhancing energy efficiency in your on-premises laundry operation, a well-trained staff is your first line of defense. Teach them how to operate the commercial laundry machines properly, hold regular meetings and training, and ask for their feedback and recommendations. Sustainability and environmentally-friendly laundry practices are a group effort.

Set up a Laundry Room Routine 

Set up routines for laundry collection, sorting, and stain removal that personnel may follow. This keeps contaminated garments apart from the rest of the laundry, allowing stains to be handled swiftly, and optimizes the room’s efficiency and flow.

Remove stains, spills, and tears as soon as possible. Of fact, you may have to clean hundreds of wash items, towels, and bed sheets every day, but it’s the ones with stains that customers and supervisors will notice. The sooner you tackle a stain, the less likely the linen will need to be replaced or cleaned several times.

If you’re looking for ways to improve safety, productivity, and efficiency in your OPL operation, let’s chat. If you’re in South Texas or Louisiana, we’d love to work with you. Scott Equipment is part of the EVI Industries, Inc. family of top commercial laundry distributors with locations all over the country. AAdvantage’s clients, in turn, benefit from being a part of the EVI expanded distribution network, which provides a wealth of resources and knowledge.