6 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry Machines

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Your commercial laundry machines are an investment for your business. Repairing and replacing those machines can be very expensive, so providing preventative maintenance is important. Here are some tips for keeping your machines in top condition and costs down as a result:

Perform Maintenance Inside the Machine to Start Your Day

The number of users that run their laundry through a commercial machine daily is astounding. Each of these consumers brings their own soils, debris, and bacteria to the machine. While top-quality laundry equipment works well to dislodge these soils and neutralize these germs, what’s left of them lingers and builds up in your washer drums and dryer compartments. Yuck! To keep this from creating a problem with proper function, unpleasant odors, or introducing illness, these compartments should be manually inspected and cleaned before the start of business or between shifts each day.

Inspect Hardware and Belts Regularly

Some parts of your machinery may not need daily inspection, but should still be looked over on schedule. Check belts several times a year for cracks or tears. Maintain screens and filters by checking them every few weeks. Keep all metal parts clean and maintain their integrity by cleaning them monthly or as needed. Your machines will provide better service and last longer with regular care.

Conduct Regular Maintenance of Pipes and Tubing

To keep your dryers working properly and prevent fire hazards, it is important to clear the exhaust ducts and all of the tubing that carries lint and debris out of your dryer regularly. Even if patrons properly clean lint traps each time, residual build-up is still almost unpreventable. Keeping it from creating clogs will keep your dryers working as they should and keep the danger of fire hazards to a minimum.

Close By Opening Your Lids & Doors

To prevent the build-up of unpleasant scents and bacteria, add opening the lids and doors of your machines to your closing duties list. This will help machines last longer, perform better, and keep them from taking on an offensive odor.

Keep machines and the surrounding areas clean.

Keeping a clean work area is so important. Dirt, debris, and garbage around your machines can be a fire hazard or get inside your machines and cause damage. Frequently wiping down your machines, cleaning out the compartments, sweeping, and mopping can help prevent major issues and keep your machines running longer. Plus, a clean on-premise laundry operation is more sanitary and pleasant to work in.

When to Call a Professional

While you may be able to perform many routine maintenance duties on your own, more specific training and knowledge is required for some machinery. We would suggest calling a specialist if there seems to be an electrical or control panel problems or the replacement of a large piece or part.

At Scott Equipment, we offer our customers a variety of installation and post-sales support. Our team of experts is always on-hand to offer technical assistance and equipment service to get your machines up and running. We also provide specialized training in servicing your commercial laundry equipment for you and your employees. If you’re in our service area, contact us today to discuss your service and maintenance needs.