5 Things Customers Expect from their Laundromat

There’s a huge difference between an “awesome” laundromat and a laundromat that is, “acceptable enough.” In Houston and Southern Louisiana, is a lot of competition from other laundromats in the area as well as community laundry rooms in apartments and condominiums. One factor that is key to any business or laundromat’s ongoing and long-term success is repeated business. You need customers to come back and use your establishment again and again to satisfy their laundry needs; and you need them to give good reviews to their friends and families.  How can you achieve this?  Make a strong first impression – then a great second impression, and continue that impression every time they step into your laundry business.

Maintain a Clean Laundromat

It is important for all businesses to maintain cleanliness, and even more important for a laundromat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clean and sanitize your laundromat facility regularly. Wipe down all washers, dryers, door handles, laundry carts, folding tables, coin changers, and other surfaces multiple times per day. Use disinfecting products, wear gloves, and wipe in one direction to reduce the risk of surface recontamination.  The quality and cleanliness of your laundromat can make or break a first-time experience for a customer. Make sure they are not turned away from your store simply because you didn’t take the time to maintain a well-kept facility.

Alternative Payment Options

Laundromats have changed with the times and are not coin only.  If your facility hasn’t jumped on the credit card or app-based payment system, you could be missing out on a ton of revenue.     About 12 percent of the population’s preferred method of payment is cash vs. more than 70 percent who favor debit or credit cards. Instead of having customers go out of their way to get cash and coins, why not make it easy by providing a form of payment they already have at hand? Customers will love the added convenience. In addition, there is a current coin shortage due to COVID-19 and additional payment options can make a significant impact on your business.

Add Entertainment Value

Doing a lot of laundry loads can be both boring and a hassle to customers and their families.  Many customers expect their laundromat of choice to offer something in the way of entertainment. Many laundromats are getting creative with ways to keep families entertained.  For instance, you could have WIFI, televisions, a children’s reading center, vending machines, and arcade games. Customers will be appreciative of the different ways to occupy their time.

New Laundry Equipment

The most important thing you can offer your customers that will continue bringing them back to your location is top-notch laundry equipment. Not all washers and dryers are created equal, even at the commercial-grade level. Scott Equipment is a proud distributor of Dexter Laundry Equipment. The advanced Dexter technology makes it easy to both monitor and manage your laundry business In addition, customers will love the fast cycle times of Dexter’s Express washers and state-of-the-art DexterPay mobile payment options. Having new, updated commercial laundry machines will make your laundromat stand out from the other business who haven’t kept up with the times.

Customer Service

Be friendly to your customers. This seems obvious, but is worth mentioning. Take the time to greet and welcome your customers, and have sanitized laundry carts available. These little details are important for a customer in deciding whether to return to your store.  Do not underestimate the strength of strong customer service.

Considering opening a laundromat or a refresh/ retool of your current facility? Our laundry experts are here to help make your laundromat the best it can be. Contact our laundry consultants today to discuss how you can open, grow, or improve your coin laundry business