4 Ways Commercial Laundry Can Improve Safety and Sanitation in Your Long- Term Care Community

4 ways commercial laundry can improve safety and sanitation in your long- term care communityInfection and disease can spread quickly in long-term care communities.  For this reason, nursing homes are at risk when viruses like Coronavirus/ COVID-19 are present. In the past, flu and respiratory diseases have spread rapidly among populations at risk. Scott Equipment provides laundry equipment solutions that reduce risk and enhance the lives of residents and employees. SEI, in collaboration with industry leaders in laundry equipment, offers high-quality commercial laundry equipment designed to improve health and safety in your community.


Our industrial-strength laundry equipment has unrivaled functionality and durability. These efficient and reliable washers and dryers provide consistently clean linen. With proper maintenance, these machines last longer with fewer breakdowns than the competition.


Dexter, Continental Girbau, and B&C Companies on-premise washer-extractors feature a simple interface and flexible programs to reduce water usage which allows long-term care facilities to customize their settings based on fabrics, soil level, and temperature. This ensures that linens are kept as clean as possible every time and are safer for the residents.  In addition we carry washers that spin at 200 G-force to remove more water. This reduces dry time, saves on utilities, and helps increase throughput so your OPL can process more linen in less time.


Our washer-extractors record each cycle and the temperature of the water with date and time stamps. This allows your community to remain compliant with government standards. You can easily track results, including productivity reports and performance snapshots, to see how machines and staff perform.


Offerings like DexterLive.com makes it easier than ever to program your controls and manage your long term care OPL laundry. This free web application allows you to create and adjust all of your cycle settings which can then be downloaded and copied to your machines via USB.

Contact Scott Equipment to learn more about how we can help improve safety and sanitation in your community. We offer low-cost lease options as well as a full line of chemicals, including spray sanitizers, and hand soaps to keep your community safe.