4 Steps to Retool Your Laundromat

4 steps to retool your laundromatBuying a laundromat and refreshing it with new commercial laundry equipment is a perfect choice for entrepreneurs who want to own and run a viable, profitable, and recession-proof business. And whether you want to retool and refresh your laundromat, grow your laundry franchise, or open your very first laundromat, Scott Equipment has the knowledge and experience to make it a smooth and easy process and help you develop a successful and profitable laundry business.

Here are five quick steps to retool your laundry from ourr vended laundry experts. 

Find the Right Location 

Choosing the right location is one of the most significant decisions the laundromat owner will make.   Even if you do everything else correctly, if your laundromat is hard to find, or if it’s difficult for your customers to get to, you’ll find it challenging to build a profitable coin laundry business.  Our team has the insider knowledge that can help you scout your new store.  Some helpful pointers are finding a location with lots of traffic that is visible to passing drivers.  If you a purchasing an existing location having a glass front store makes a big difference.  The store should also be near larger “anchor stores” and have plenty of parking. Bottom line, purchasing and updating a coin laundry business in a prime location is an easy way to enter the coin laundry business. If you already own a laundromat in a great location, keep reading to learn how we can help boost your profits.

Buy the Best Coin Laundry Equipment 

If your laundromat is due for a remodel, your equipment is likely to be ready for refresh as well.    There have been significant advances in commercial laundry machines over the last decade, and the latest washers and dryers require significantly less power and water than older machines. You’ll be surprised how much more lucrative your store will become when you add new energy-efficient commercial laundry equipment. Your customers would also benefit from new appliances. High-performance high spin washers will help the customers get their regular laundry cleaned and dried in less than an hour. And more efficiency is also a huge plus for the eco-conscious consumers.  For example, Dexter Laundry designs every washer to withstand a 1,000-hour test by running at maximum extract with an extreme out-of-balance load.

Secure Flexible Financing 

Our funding partners have flexible financing services tailored exclusively for laundromat owners.    With Dexter Financial Services or Eastern Funding, you get a great financing package in addition to industry experience.  Our partners have have approval rates on applications because they understand the laundry business. Dexter provides attractive financing options to customers in the United States and Canada.  Dexter also offers current specials for financing such as low rates and monthly payments. 

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