4 Signs to Upgrade Your On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Upgrading on-premise laundry facilities is an important decision. Older equipment can be costly to repair and manage since it breaks down more frequently over time. This can include expensive service calls and lead to disruptions in service, leaving customers and staff with a less than stellar impression and experience.  New laundry equipment can help operations managers control a number of variables including operation costs and utilities.  Upgraded OPL equipment can also streamline operations with better results, increased laundry capacity, and an improved laundry experience.

Not sure if an upgrade is needed for your laundry operations? Here are some of our tell-tale signs that indicate you should consider replacing your commercial laundry equipment.

High or Rising Utility Costs

Manufacturers such as Dexter Laundry, Continental Girbau, and B & C Technologies continue to increase the efficiency of laundry appliances. This is good since water, gas, and electricity rates are typically rising. Purchasing new energy-efficient equipment benefits the environment, pleases customers, and saves overhead costs.

Mounting Service Calls

Broken or malfunctioning equipment is expensive – both for service charges and the opportunity cost of lost revenue while machines are out of service. Older equipment is more likely to break down and need repairs, which limits your profits and increases maintenance costs.   If your on-premise laundry equipment is breaking down frequently and your service costs are rising, it may be time to look at investing in new machines.

Your Equipment is Old

Old laundry machines will harm the customer experience, even though the equipment is still working. Old and battered appliances will adversely impact the customer experience for businesses with customer-facing equipment, such as a hotel guest laundry room. Provide clean, well-maintained machines to better satisfy your clientele.

Considered Outsourcing your Laundry to A Service

Have you considered outsourcing your laundry because your machines are older and constantly needing service?  Although this may seem like a good idea in the short term, there are many reasons why the laundry services should be kept in-house, including long-term cost savings, quality management, delivery time, lack of efficiency of the cleaning service, and more.

Upgrading OPL equipment can assist a business in a number of ways: by delivering improved performance, improving productivity, and reducing utility costs and interruptions of service. If you are considering replacing your on-premise laundry equipment, but are hesitating because of the cost, Scott Equipment also provides a leasing program that will include all service calls and parts for the lease term.

Contact the experts at Scott Equipment to learn more about how you can affordably upgrade your on-premise laundry equipment to help your business run more efficiently.